Operating Companies

Estacado Interests prides itself in entrepreneurial spirit.

With an agnostic philosophy, there is not an industry or challenge that the Estacado team is unwilling to tackle. The thesis is simple: partner with best-in-class operators that are looking for their “big break” and support them with back-office operations to unlock their full potential.

AV Water

A&V Water Utilities

A & V Water & Utilities is a full-service utility subcontractor with a specialty in water system maintenance and construction. Acquired in October 2022, A & V is under the leadership of Collin Porter, a seasoned operations professional focused on driving revenue and efficiency with  a “man-power first” focus. 

Take 5 oil

Take 5 Oil Change

Estacado Interests is the exclusive franchisee for Take 5 Oil Change in the State of Montana. The Estacado team intends to bring over 100 jobs to the State and stimulate the economic GDP by over $7.5 Million annually. The franchise is led by Ryan Schneider, a Lubbock, TX native with over 14 years of experience in the hospitality industry.